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"GRADUAN BERSATU" is diversified business with different brandings under one umbrella..

G-Cleaning is Centralised Cleaning Services company. G-Cleaning doing industrial & Commercial cleaning services. General building, construction, renovation and M&E works.


I-dentity is a Premium Gifts & Apparels company. In this company we do all kind of printing services like Silkscreen, Heat transfer, Embroidery, Laser, paper printing and custom made products.

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Who We Are?

Graduan Bersatu Sdn Bhd (GBPB) was incorporated in July 2003 in realization of a vision shared by its founding partners on being successful entrepreneurs. The urge to become entrepreneurs that developed during their university years brought together the partners to operates business.

The partners believe in the strength , spirit, energy, know how, capabilities and the desire in each and every graduate to be successful in life. We believe by bringing these graduates together under one organization and providing equal opportunity for everyone of them will create a synergy to lead our organization to greater heights.

In 2008 the company diversify to cleaning & maintenance sector to serve the needs of existing corporate entities in wide range. Although it was started with a modest amount of capital but today is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast growing industry. We are supported by a strong team comprising people with relevant technical experience and nationwide networks.

In June 2010, We have renamed our company as Graduan Bersatu Padat Sdn Bhd. To serve the valued clients better GBPSB believes that it is the level of quality, supervision and communication with customers which differentiates it from other company.